Monday, 7 September 2009


Seriously, what is the PURPOSE of these hideous things? Can someone please answer that question for me because I just can't get my head around why they exist???

All they do is fucking attack and harm innocent people who are just trying to go about their way! They are nothing more than a bloody burden to society.

No word of a lie, for the past few months I swear I've woken up EVERY GOD DAMN DAY to the sound of WASTED WASP buzzing around the inside of my window.


My window is covered in that spray shit that is meant to kill the bastards. And that stuff STINKS, I'm fed up of smelling it in my room. I even sprayed all the ivy just beneath the window in the hope that another cunting wasp would die before it even thought about returning to bother me.


The other week, I was feeling all sad and shit that another summer had come to an end. Now I can't wait for the winter season because these noisy, nasty motherfuckers need to all fuck off and DIE!

You're all going straight to hell!!!

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