Thursday, 27 November 2008

Dumb retail assistants

So the other day, I went to Westfield and bought a new winter coat from River Island. Very cute. However, when I got home I realised a button was missing on one of the fucking sleeves - great.

You know what, River Island are actually quite bad for faulty items. I remember I was gonna buy a party dress from there for me birthday last year, and when I attempted to try it on, nuff sequins were flying everywhere! And that shit was gonna cost me £70 or something, get outta here man!

Anyways, I wanted to get an exchange right. I thought I should call up the shop and see if they had another size 10 because I didn't wanna trek all the way back there for them to not have another coat in stock for me. So I called up and described the coat to a woman who worked there and she went off to find it for me... then she came back and said hello. I said hello back. Then I heard her talking to someone else... then she hung up!

The bloody cheek of it! Why the hell did she hang up for??? MORON!

So I called back and someone else answered and she sounded a bit baffled when I told her the other chick hung up. Then the other woman came back on the phone and asked me if it was about the coat and then said she'd found one for me.

Errrr well that's all well and good love, but next time do you wanna apologise for hanging up the damn phone on a customer you ignorant tit?!

I swear, I don't know how most peeps get jobs in the retail industry, because too many of them lack BASIC manners. I had to return a shitty broken necklace to New Look as well - you should have seen the way the girl was acting who did the refund! All slumped over the desk like she was about to fall asleep any second, couldn't even bring herself to stand up properly. Kept yawning in front of me and took about 10 minutes to give me my money back. Like fucks sake, that shit is meant to take like, 2 minutes max! WTF you playing at woman, do you think I've got all day to be here?!! Dumbass broad!

OK she wasn't being directly rude to me, but it's just ignorance man. If you can't do the job properly, then just fucking quit and go find another one! All the staff there looked like they wanted to kill themselves in there, all depressed and shit! I know to not to apply to New Look when I want a likkle job in the near future, lemme tell you that right now!


Sunday, 23 November 2008

She's gone

Well people, Rachel Hylton's controversial X Factor journey has come to an end.

I was a fan of hers from day one, but I understand why other peeps didn't warm to her, and her performances were not consistent - not helped by dodgy song choices.

Personally, I felt she outsang JLS on the main show and during the bottom two sing-off as well. However, seeing as that was her third time in the bottom two, I suppose it was only fair that it was her last. Unfortunately, it was plain to see she was never going to win the competition. The voting public did not get her... erm, 'ghetto' personality shall we say, and I suppose the gunshot hand sign she did last weekend when she triumphed over Daniel didn't help either. Maybe when she learns to tone things down a notch and figures out when to shutup every once in a while, she can enjoy great success in the future. I hope she does anyway.

JLS have been more consistent and it was their first time in the bottom two. I don't know why 'A Million Love Songs' didn't work for them... they're supposed to be the bollocks at the harmony stuff, but they flopped on the night. Something wasn't right... why the judges didn't comment on their vocal performance just baffled me. You would expect Simon to especially. But I like them and hopefully they will last longer than Eggnog.

I like everyone else who is left except for him. Ruth is my favourite now. Don't you just love the way Simon is clearly mesmerised every time she takes to the stage? HAHAHA.

I hope Rachel gets signed up regardless of her early exit. She smacked it.

*does gunshot hand sign*
I'm gone.

P.S. Louis is an immature PRICK.

P.P.S. Why did Same Difference come back on the show to MIME their performance? My god, they're annoying.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

List of things that piss me off - pt. 1

1. When you’re PROPER looking forward to eating something that’s waiting for you in your fridge, and then you go to eat it and it’s not there anymore (courtesy of some other fat, greedy bastard in your household)

2. When people (aka my Dad) leave empty packets of food in the kitchen/fridge as if there is something still in the packet, instead of simply throwing them in the bin. Why would any sane person do that?

3. When people say they’re gonna call you and then they don’t. DON’T BOTHER SAYING YOU’RE GONNA CALL IF YOU HAVE NO INTENTION OF DOING SO.

4. When you record something on Sky+ and then you go to watch the programme and the recording finishes 2 minutes early or starts 2 minutes late!

5. When Sky+ doesn’t work full stop.

6. 99% of Sky engineers.

7. When cashiers decide to put your change and receipt on the till surface instead of putting it in your hands LIKE POLITE PEOPLE WOULD DO.

8. When cashiers/shop assistants don’t bother to say hello/thank you/please to you. How the fuck do these people get employed when they don’t possess BASIC manners?!!

9. When people try to justify smoking. Just don’t do it. Please.

10. IGNORANT arse bus drivers for London Transport. You know the ones who try to give you lip behind their pathetic plastic shield thingamajigs, the ones who blatantly ignore you when you try to ask them a simple question regarding the route you’re travelling, the ones who don’t stop when you ring the bell to get off the bus, the ones who drive off when they can clearly see you trying to catch the bus, the ones who don’t even stop at the bus stop and drive on like they can’t see you...

Part 2 and the rest to come later...

Hold tight.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Vote Obama

Vote Obama 2008!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Hammersmith Palais reunion = STRAIGHT FLOPPAGE


I'm still slackin' with this blog ting, but party season is among us, and November is gonna be one hell of a busy month for yours truly.

I just came on here to let everyone know that the so-called 'Hammersmith Palais' reunion at Ion Bar was a complete FLOP.

And I just don't understand why!

How can they be telling everyone the guestlist filled up so quickly for the venue to be half empty on the night? What the hell happened?!

That will teach me in the future not to get so excited by the tiniest bit of nostalgia. What a waste of my damn time! I can't believe I even stuck around for so long. I guess I was just hoping and waiting for more peeps to show up, thinking the event was yet to peak.

I was wrong. Oh so wrong.

I've seen more action in Chicken Cottage across the road.

And how you gonna charge one person a tenner for a double vodka and Red Bull, and another the same price for THREE glasses of wine?!! What sense does that make? It's Grove mate, not fucking Mayfair.

Get the fuck outta here!