Tuesday, 16 December 2008

X Factor voting details - errrr WTF?!

Check this out everyone:


Show 1
Eoghan Quigg 21.19%
Scott Bruton 19.48%
Laura White 16.99%
Diana Vickers 7.35%
Daniel Evans 7.21%
Alexandra Burke 7.20%
JLS 5.03%
Rachel Hylton 4.77%
Austin Drage 3.63%
Ruth Lorenzo 3.47%
Girlband 2.17%
Bad Lashes 1.51% (Deadlock)

Show 2
Eoghan Quigg 26.77%
Diana Vickers 16.24%
JLS 9.21%
Laura White 8.99%
Austin Drage 8.98%
Daniel Evans 8.23%
Alexandra Burke 7.15%
Rachel Hylton 5.01%
Scott Bruton 4.17%
Ruth Lorenzo 2.95%
Girlband 2.30% (Deadlock)

Show 3
Eoghan Quigg 20.73%
Diana Vickers 15.13%
Rachel Hylton 12.21%
JLS 10.81%
Ruth Lorenzo 8.93%
Alexandra Burke 8.83%
Laura White 7.53%
Austin Drage 6.22%
Daniel Evans 5.94%
Scott Bruton 3.67% (Judges)

Show 4
Eoghan Quigg 19.81%
JLS 17.00%
Diana Vickers 15.24%
Daniel Evans 10.83%
Ruth Lorenzo 10.25%
Alexandra Burke 8.82%
Laura White 7.38%
Austin Drage 6.86% (Judges)
Rachel Hylton 3.81%

Show 5
Eoghan Quigg 27.39%
Alexandra Burke 18.35%
Daniel Evans 13.77%
JLS 13.26%
Rachel Hylton 10.39%
Laura White 9.90% (Judges)
Ruth Lorenzo 6.94%

Show 6
Diana Vickers 31.30%
Eoghan Quigg 19.56%
Ruth Lorenzo 13.91%
Alexandra Burke 13.31%
JLS 9.91%
Daniel Evans 7.53% (Judges)
Rachel Hylton 4.48%

Show 7
Eoghan Quigg 31.79%
Diana Vickers 18.94%
Ruth Lorenzo 16.07%
Alexandra Burke 14.97%
JLS 11.75%
Rachel Hylton 6.48% (Judges)

Show 8
Alexandra Burke 24.53%
JLS 24.34%
Eoghan Quigg 19.58%
Diana Vickers 16.32%
Ruth Lorenzo 15.23% (Public)

Show 9
JLS 35.03%
Alexandra Burke 31.04%
Eoghan Quigg 21.14%
Diana Vickers 12.79% (Public)

Show 10 (Final) – At vote freeze
Alexandra Burke 44.02%
JLS 30.65%
Eoghan Quigg 25.33%

Show 10 (Final) – Final Result
Alexandra Burke 58.34%
JLS 41.66%

... So Eggnog won SIX out of 10 shows?!!

Oh my lady!

  • Scott finished 2nd in the first week!
  • Daniel never finished bottom!
  • Alexandra won only one show outside of the final!
Revelations or what?!!

X Factor final 2008

What's good people?

Thought I'd take this opportunity to make some random observations and comments about the grand X Factor final that happened a couple of days ago.
  • I wanted Alexandra to win, JLS 2nd and Eggnog 3rd - the British public agreed.
  • I know Alexandra is a human being but all that hyperventilating and non-stop crying made me cringe.
  • Beyonce smacked it - effortless.
  • Alexandra's duet with Beyonce = very sweet.
  • JLS = Blacklife - well done Louis (tit).
  • Ronan Keating completely took over from Eggnog.
  • Ronan Keating = ginger facial hair and wrinkly.
  • Boyzone in general = looked like shit.
  • I actually felt sorry for Eggnog.
  • Cheryl's dress - nuff said.
  • Cheryl's skin and bones look - nuff said.
  • Dannii's curves - that's a good look.
  • Rachel - was she even wearing make-up??!
  • Hallelujah - should be Diana's song.
Overall, Alexandra was definately the deserved winner but after watching some of her past performances before she got booted off, I feel that Laura White was the best vocalist out the lot.

6 months to go until X Factor 2009!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes...

Man dem lemme see you keep it sho!

Ladies lemme see you go down low!

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes! Heads, shoulders, knees and toes!


This tune is haaaaaard!

List of things that piss me off - pt. 2

11. When people make plans to meet up with you, then they dowse and don’t even bother to provide you with an explanation. Ignorant PRICKS.

12. Those fucking annoying generic ‘MySpace Hoes’ comments, e.g. “Just passin tru 2 show some luv! Hope all is bless... take it easy, don’t be a stranger 2 my page bbz xxx” – get out of here man. Oh and those blasted spam comments as well, and when people don’t even bother to delete them and allow them to clog up their page! WHY???

13. Dirty old perverts who try to add you when they have nuff skets in their top friends that they blatantly don’t know outside of MySpace, you bunch of sad bastards! Why would I want to be friends with a 49 year old man who's not in my family? FUCK OFF!

14. When old people try to shove past you when you’re getting on the bus, just because they’re old. Errrr if you wait two fucking seconds grandma, I’ll gladly let you get on first so you can take your seat at the front, but no, you’re too rasclart quick!

15. Speaking of old people on buses: when they don’t give you two seconds to give up your seat for them before they start moaning and tutting over having to stand and that kids ain’t got no respect... again, TOO QUICK. And besides, even if I don’t give up my seat, how do you if I’m not well enough to stand myself? Maybe I’ve got a fucking broken foot or some shit, maybe I’m up the duff for all you know?! So get the hell off my case you old demented bastards!

16. The N7 bus. I won’t even go into this one... nuff said.

17. Night buses in general. Nuff said.

18. When people try and tell me that I’m not really Scottish because I was born in London. Oh OK, so I have like, 10 generations of family that all come from Scotland, but I’m NOT Scottish? If I was born in Japan, would you say I’m Japanese? NO YOU WOULDN’T. People need to recognise that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all separate fucking countries! Douchebags.

19. People that don’t know how to say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’.

20. People that interrupt other people when they’re talking, because they think that their point/story is more important and interesting when in actual fact most of the time it’s not, and then they don’t even bother to go back to what you were saying in the first place. MY GOD, that is one of the most annoying things in the world, I truly can’t STAND it when people interrupt others on a regular basis. Do yourself a favour and SHUT THE FUCK UP for once in your life! KMT!

And yes I did just write KMT! lol

I'm only playing.

Part 3 soon come.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

JLS are screwed

So the X Factor final is happening this Saturday night coming.
And the 'special' guests that will be performing with the three finalists have been confirmed.

Alexandra has got BEYONCE.

JLS were supposed to have Rihanna but she's dropped out so now they have...

... wait for it...


And Eggnog has BOYZONE.

Seriously... WESTLIFE and BOYZONE?! WHAT THE FUCK?! Is that REALLY the best Simon and Louis could come up with?! Louis' choice is especially lazy.

JLS and WestSHITE do not go hand in hand. It's safe to say they're blatantly NOT winning the competition now. From Rihanna to Westlife - they're PISSED.

I see Alexandra winning it now and I hope she does.

If Eggnog wins I think they might as well make this X Factor the last because that would be some straight bullshit right there and the show would literally lose all credibility that most people believe it lacks anyway.

OK I'm gone.


Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Britney week on X Factor - the worst ever?

One thing that pisses me off about the X Factor is the way the judges all lick celebrity arse, especially Simon! As surprising as that may sound, it's true.

On Saturday's show Britney Spears made her long-awaited comeback on British television, performing for the first time in over four years.
And boy was it a let down!

Look, I'm a supporter of Britney. I'm perfectly aware of the shit she went through prior to her comeback and the media's disgraceful, inhumane treatment of her during all her mental problems. So I'm all for Britney getting back to her normal self and having a successful career once again.

However, she went on a show that functions through LIVE performances by amateur singers and she MIMED. She mimed, everyone. And what's worse, did anyone actually expect her to NOT mime? It was so predictable that she would not deliver a live performance. I don't give a fuck if she was dancing or not because her dancing wasn't all that either. If you can't dance and sing at the same time, then don't do both. Just sing. Simple as that.

Is it just me or did she look slightly uncomfortable and like she was kinda unsure of herself? I don't think that was the same Britney as before... maybe she was too nervous. Plus her hair and make-up sucked. Who was styling this woman on the night? Whoever you are, you should blatantly get sacked.

And then she gave the vaguest, shortest and most useless answers in history to Dermot when he questioned her about the show and the contestants! That made me cringe so much. It was obvious she hadn't bothered to watch any of the performances beforehand. This was confirmed when I read later on that Simon had approached her in her dressing room and asked if she had been watching backstage and she told him no, leaving him visibly gobsmacked.

Why didn't she watch them? Why didn't she give masterclasses or whatever they're called to the contestants, like all the other guests have done? What was the actual POINT in her being there???

And then, to top it off, Miley friggin' Cyrus - who is like, 10 years younger then Britney - comes out of nowhere and sings live and in tune while dancing at the same time! What's that all about, eh?!!

I'm sorry, but it was just so pathetic. Britney is quite possibly the most overrated, over hyped recording artist in history.

Britney week SUCKED!!!