Friday, 19 June 2009

She's outta ma leeeeeeeeague!


Look at this face:

Now look at this one:

And this one:

Real talk people.

Why the HELL would these butterz fools think they have a chance in hell with a girl like Noirin??? They must realise that they are COMPLETELY out of her league... they must! Why would they even THINK about trying their luck with her? It really does amaze me... there's a lot of deluded men in this world, there really is.

I wish they would take their dirty little paws off her for 5 fucking minutes, and stop asking to see her tits/arse. Pair of friggin' pervs!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Dotstar - Stick Up

Check the new video for Dotstar's Stick Up:

He went hard on this one!

Shout out to Miss Tania Nwachukwu (gold top, silver leggings girl!) - look out for her in the next issue of The Cut! Big movements.

Altogether now people:

'All the girls in the club want to hold me for ransom...'

Monday, 15 June 2009

Saffia V Sophia on BBBM

Bitchiness at it's finest!

You gotta love Big Brother! Classic footage right there... these bitches were really going at it! OK, I know Sophia needs to stop running her mouth for once and grow up a bit, but standard, Saffia is WASTE. Before she even stepped into the house, I didn't like her. Acted like a complete arsehole in her video audition.

I love how she's going on like she deserves to get a fucking medal or something for leaving her "babies" behind to on the show. Like she's some brave woman. Errr I got news for you luv, you ain't brave, you are, however, a fucking moron! I feel sorry for her kids. Imagine your mum duckin' you before you've even had your first steps to go on BB and argue with a bunch of strangers and then walk out after a week. She couldn't even wait until Sophia got evicted! And now she has to spend even more time with her on BBBM and BBLB. What a waste! I do rate her a little bit though for putting up with all those peeps cussing her and making her look stupid on BBBM though, HAHA. She got it baaaad.

But yeah, this is good shit! Big Brother is getting real juicy now, arguments galore!


Thursday, 11 June 2009

YOYO's? Oh you mean YOYO???


What is YOYO'S?

I've never heard of YOYO'S before, but I've heard of a NIGHT called YOYO at the Notting Hill Arts CLUB.

Why do so many people call it fucking YOYOS? WHERE IS THE EXTRA 'S' COMING FROM???

The club is not called YOYOS. YOYO is the name of the night, Notting Hill Arts Club is the name of the club.

Is it that hard for people to understand?

And even worse - we've got people going on about visiting WESTFIELDS now.

WESTFIELDS? What is WESTFIELDS? I'm not familiar with it, but I know about WESTFIELD though!

Again, WHAT IS WITH THE EXTRA 'S'? Is there any need for it?

I might actually end someone's life if this continues.

Fucking retards.

Rant over!!!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Halle Berry kisses Jamie Foxx - WTF?!!



She was collecting some award for being buff apparantly and then decided to plant her lips on Mr Foxx's.

They are both attached! Look at where his hand is! Look at where her hand is!

If my man kissed Halle Berry LIKE THAT, publicity stunt or no publicity stunt - or whatever the fuck it meant - I would be P.I.S.S.E.D!!!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Tetris is 25 years old today

The classic puzzle video game.

Every now and again, I'll discover it once more and get addicted for a few good weeks or so. Shit never gets old!

Play a game (or 20) for free at this page:

Here's to Tetris!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Danny Dyer's a G

Danny Dyer has branded Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden as the "one of the least talented people in the UK".

Writing in his Zoo column, the Doghouse star said that it was laughable that Holden had been employed to judge other people on their talent.

"[She] really f***s me off. I know she is an actress but I'd say she's one of the least talented people in the UK, so how she can sit there and say who's got talent is beyond me," he said.

"The only reason that bird first became famous was by having a roll-about with Les Dennis. Now it's sitting there, clapping its hands and giving advice. It makes me feel f*****g sick."

The 31-year-old went on to say that he was not a fan of fellow judge Piers Morgan either, describing him as a "snake".

"I don’t know why [Simon Cowell] rolled in someone like Morgan, a tosser who just loves being famous. Now Morgan’s swanning around acting like he’s the bollocks."

[Article taken from Digital Spy]


Tell 'em Danny!

Vitamin Water is like the worst drink EVER

Yeah I'm talking about that piece of shit drink that Coca Cola made. Like WTF. It is so SHIT!

And it costs a fucking small fortune. I want to know why!

Because not only does it taste like PISH, I just found out from someone who was drinking it yesterday that theres bare sugar in it.

So not only does it taste awful, it's not even healthy! And I swear that's the point of the drink? A HEALTHY alternative?

What a load of bloody nonsense. Seriously, it has got to be the lamest, most pathetic excuse for a drink in the whole wide world. I'd rather drink my own piss to honest!

Oh and get this: my mate just informed everyone on her Facebook that she just paid 65p for a Mini Milk!

65p you know!

The bloody cheek of it! That shit used to be 20p!

I really am worried about what the world is turning into these days, I tell you...

Yaaaay Kate's in the final!

So as I predicted, Kate Walsh made The Apprentice 2009 final, alongside Yasmina.

Good decision made by Sir Alan I think, but for some reason I really felt that Debra was going to get picked alongside Kate. I thought he was going to take a risk with her. Also, I found out the night before that she's a Scot, so I guess I was kinda rooting for her as well at the last minute, haha. Can't believe she is only 23...

Anyways, poor James. He looked defeated long before Sir Alan told him the bad news, bless 'im. He was more emotional than all of the girls put together! I knew he'd be first out, followed by Lorraine.

Speaking of Lorraine: what was with the dodgy Irish accent change during her interviews? That was jokes man, what the hell?!

That Claude guy that was interviewing them is a wanker, but he was right when he said that Kate was 'faultless'. So yeah, I really want her to win, I think she's got it all, but if Yasmina wins I'll be happy as well.

Can't believe I never used to watch this show! What was I on?

Anyhoo, that's it for now. Big Brother starts later, so my life is officially over for the next few months, haha.

Monday, 1 June 2009

This is jokes

"David, I am just going to write on the forms that we have investigated and you do not have any pets."