Friday, 23 October 2009


OK I'm still in shock and I'm feeling physically sick, but let me try and get this straight.

We, the British public, are meant to believe that this charming, innocent young laddie

had SEXUAL INTERCOURSE with and produced a wee bairn with THIS


'ave a fucking word will ya?!!

Shame on whatever NUMPTY is responsible for this SHAMBOLIC, unfathomable and vomit-inducing so-called storyline!

You read it here first: Eastenders is officially THE worst television programme in history.

Seriously, Eastenders is overly wack and yet I still feel compelled to watch it... why???

I'm off to lie down. I need more time to digest the sheer horror that I've just witnessed...


William Adam said...

I thought it was Mintys

but worst television progamme in history would have to be ITVs Brittania High or that new one Trinity

Charlie and Kathryn said...

Wow...ummm she's hot :/
Pretty sure that's like his mum or something

Single said...

He's not an innocent charming laddie... he's an ugly sod too! And what's going on with his lips? He always seems to have some kind of sore(s) on them! Thick, ugle and diseased is how he comes across...