Sunday, 9 May 2010

Put on some weight you dumb bitch!

WTF is this shit?

Aren't white jeans meant to make you look bigger? They're friggin' hanging off those toothpick legs.

And look at that bent over bony-ass wrist! Eurgh, it's putting me off me Sunday brekkie.

‘I am 100 per cent fit and healthy and I am the right weight for my type of body – if I’m honest I’m not a particular healthy eater, my big weakness is potatoes’, she told OK! magazine.

Shutup, shutup, SHUTUP! Stop lying and go get some help! We don't wanna hear about your weakness for potatoes or that old chestnut 'I've just got a fast metabolism'. You're ILL bitch, sort yourself out ASAP and stop promoting anorexia to your fans.


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Charlie and Kathryn said...

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