Friday, 12 December 2008

List of things that piss me off - pt. 2

11. When people make plans to meet up with you, then they dowse and don’t even bother to provide you with an explanation. Ignorant PRICKS.

12. Those fucking annoying generic ‘MySpace Hoes’ comments, e.g. “Just passin tru 2 show some luv! Hope all is bless... take it easy, don’t be a stranger 2 my page bbz xxx” – get out of here man. Oh and those blasted spam comments as well, and when people don’t even bother to delete them and allow them to clog up their page! WHY???

13. Dirty old perverts who try to add you when they have nuff skets in their top friends that they blatantly don’t know outside of MySpace, you bunch of sad bastards! Why would I want to be friends with a 49 year old man who's not in my family? FUCK OFF!

14. When old people try to shove past you when you’re getting on the bus, just because they’re old. Errrr if you wait two fucking seconds grandma, I’ll gladly let you get on first so you can take your seat at the front, but no, you’re too rasclart quick!

15. Speaking of old people on buses: when they don’t give you two seconds to give up your seat for them before they start moaning and tutting over having to stand and that kids ain’t got no respect... again, TOO QUICK. And besides, even if I don’t give up my seat, how do you if I’m not well enough to stand myself? Maybe I’ve got a fucking broken foot or some shit, maybe I’m up the duff for all you know?! So get the hell off my case you old demented bastards!

16. The N7 bus. I won’t even go into this one... nuff said.

17. Night buses in general. Nuff said.

18. When people try and tell me that I’m not really Scottish because I was born in London. Oh OK, so I have like, 10 generations of family that all come from Scotland, but I’m NOT Scottish? If I was born in Japan, would you say I’m Japanese? NO YOU WOULDN’T. People need to recognise that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all separate fucking countries! Douchebags.

19. People that don’t know how to say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’.

20. People that interrupt other people when they’re talking, because they think that their point/story is more important and interesting when in actual fact most of the time it’s not, and then they don’t even bother to go back to what you were saying in the first place. MY GOD, that is one of the most annoying things in the world, I truly can’t STAND it when people interrupt others on a regular basis. Do yourself a favour and SHUT THE FUCK UP for once in your life! KMT!

And yes I did just write KMT! lol

I'm only playing.

Part 3 soon come.


Weeping Shadows said...


I can so relate to the old people thing. I hate it when people shove you to get on the bus.. but HELLO! WE'RE ALL FUCKING GOING ON THE SAME BUS!

William Adam said...

dont get me started on the old people on the buses thing
i've moaned and written about that on myspacwe so many times i think i can put it to rest now esppecuially that im gttn tube all day haha

and the whole your not scottish thing
i had something similar happen to me in uni
dumb ass wastegash tried to tell me i wasnt black because
my mum was mix-race
too many retards out there Mcbarbs