Tuesday, 16 December 2008

X Factor final 2008

What's good people?

Thought I'd take this opportunity to make some random observations and comments about the grand X Factor final that happened a couple of days ago.
  • I wanted Alexandra to win, JLS 2nd and Eggnog 3rd - the British public agreed.
  • I know Alexandra is a human being but all that hyperventilating and non-stop crying made me cringe.
  • Beyonce smacked it - effortless.
  • Alexandra's duet with Beyonce = very sweet.
  • JLS = Blacklife - well done Louis (tit).
  • Ronan Keating completely took over from Eggnog.
  • Ronan Keating = ginger facial hair and wrinkly.
  • Boyzone in general = looked like shit.
  • I actually felt sorry for Eggnog.
  • Cheryl's dress - nuff said.
  • Cheryl's skin and bones look - nuff said.
  • Dannii's curves - that's a good look.
  • Rachel - was she even wearing make-up??!
  • Hallelujah - should be Diana's song.
Overall, Alexandra was definately the deserved winner but after watching some of her past performances before she got booted off, I feel that Laura White was the best vocalist out the lot.

6 months to go until X Factor 2009!


William Adam said...

i was never a big fan of laura
i didnt like her face
al;though i thought austin was quie good he shouldve stayed a while

McBarbie said...

loool@ i didn't like her face

your deep fam

i didn't warm to her at 1st either, partly well, because of the face, and just because she made me cringe sometimes trying to sound like Amy Winehouse and singing in a jazz style when it was inappropriate. but like i said, i watched her performances again and her voice was on point, better than Alexandras. oh yeah i really liked Austin as well, I'd say him and her were the best vocalists, yet they left so early...