Sunday, 8 February 2009

Give the Oscar to Mickey Rourke

So I went to see The Wrestler the other day.

Someone had warned me beforehand it was 'shit' and that the ending was possibly the worst ever. But I just didn't believe her, and I had been looking forward to seeing this film for weeks, so yeah I watched it.

And it was fucking good!

The cinema dude told us that it was an 'emotional' film and 'harder to watch' than our other choice, Slumdog Millionaire. And yeah, it was emotional but the emotion was understated I'd say, and it actually didn't make me cry - I expected to be balling my eyes out watching it! I think the saddest part was after he had that sweet dance with his daughter and then had a little heart-to-heart with her - that got me a bit choked.

I also didn't realise it wasn't gonna be a typical 'Hollywood' film with loads of cheesy bits in it - very much like professional wrestling also - but it was the complete opposite. And no one could have predicted that ending, whether they felt it was good or bad (I'm still debating that, but I'm leaning towards the 'good' side). Randy's loneliness was very well portrayed and I felt that it produced a realistic picture of the world of professional wrestling.

I think I'm gonna add this to my DVD collection when it comes out. I ain't even seen any of the other Oscar-nominated films (I am dying to see Benjamin Button though) but fuck it, give the best actor award to Mickey and the supporting actress award to Marisa Tomei because she was fucking great as well.

Peace out.


William Adam said...

NO Way
that movie was terrible
only decent thing about it
was the way his lonliness was portrayed
other than that it was shit

McBarbie said...

omg how dare u?!!!

tell me wat was so terrible about it then!!!