Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Prince Harry needs to hold it down

So Prince Harry has started up yet another race row.

This time, he has been accused of racism after telling black comedian Stephen K Amos: "You don't sound like a black chap." at a celebration of Prince Charles' 60th birthday.

This was apparantly Harry's idea of congratulating Mr Amos on his successful performance.

First there was the fancy dress Nazi uniform, then there was the "our little Paki friend" comment, and now this.

Harry, I beg you shut your mouth man. You're giving us white people a bad name, as well as your own family and the upper class. You're meant to be setting a bloody example you fool.

How are young people today, living in the multi-cultural society that we live in, supposed to relate to the Royal family when shizzle like this comes out? They're so out of touch man, it's embarassing.

Fix up!


William Adam said...

he's a twat
come we go beat him up

McBarbie said...

ok let's do this ting!!