Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Brits 09

So what did everyone think?

Personally... I kinda enjoyed it. Thought Matthew Horne and James Corden were hilarious (the Craig David boyage was too much LOL bless him), and Kylie was alright too.

Enjoyed the performances by Kings of Leon, Duffy and my favourite ladies Girls Aloud, brap! They finally got an award as well! Did you see how wasted Sarah was? HAHA!

But the performance that really smacked it was of course the Estelle and Ting Tings collabo - even though I'm fed up of hearing American Boy, it was a nice little mix that worked really well.

Surprised Katy Perry won the best international female award... where was Rihanna in the nominations?

So, soooo relieved Kanye won best international male! 808's and Heartbreaks is one hard album.

And was it just me, or did anyone else get confused about what decade we are in??? Neil Diamond, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, U2... WTF?! Old man rockers, go away! Especially you Bono! Actually you need to just die already. HOW ANNOYING IS HE?!

Anyways, that's my 50 pence on the matter. I will leave you with a YouTube link to the best performance of the night.



William Adam said...

kylies waste
and so is that skinny one from honre and corden
i dont know who's who

just realised i hadnt commented on her in aaaages

McBarbie said...

LOL Horne is the skinny one, Corden is the fatty.

2SHIN said...

"Matthew Horne and James Corden were hilarious "

I personally hate them. I was watching the Brits getting my drank on and those mugs ruined it....i felt to dash my beer bottles at the tv.

McBarbie said...

HAHA you know what i think i'm the only one who found them amusing, but then again, I am easily amused... ah well