Thursday, 27 November 2008

Dumb retail assistants

So the other day, I went to Westfield and bought a new winter coat from River Island. Very cute. However, when I got home I realised a button was missing on one of the fucking sleeves - great.

You know what, River Island are actually quite bad for faulty items. I remember I was gonna buy a party dress from there for me birthday last year, and when I attempted to try it on, nuff sequins were flying everywhere! And that shit was gonna cost me £70 or something, get outta here man!

Anyways, I wanted to get an exchange right. I thought I should call up the shop and see if they had another size 10 because I didn't wanna trek all the way back there for them to not have another coat in stock for me. So I called up and described the coat to a woman who worked there and she went off to find it for me... then she came back and said hello. I said hello back. Then I heard her talking to someone else... then she hung up!

The bloody cheek of it! Why the hell did she hang up for??? MORON!

So I called back and someone else answered and she sounded a bit baffled when I told her the other chick hung up. Then the other woman came back on the phone and asked me if it was about the coat and then said she'd found one for me.

Errrr well that's all well and good love, but next time do you wanna apologise for hanging up the damn phone on a customer you ignorant tit?!

I swear, I don't know how most peeps get jobs in the retail industry, because too many of them lack BASIC manners. I had to return a shitty broken necklace to New Look as well - you should have seen the way the girl was acting who did the refund! All slumped over the desk like she was about to fall asleep any second, couldn't even bring herself to stand up properly. Kept yawning in front of me and took about 10 minutes to give me my money back. Like fucks sake, that shit is meant to take like, 2 minutes max! WTF you playing at woman, do you think I've got all day to be here?!! Dumbass broad!

OK she wasn't being directly rude to me, but it's just ignorance man. If you can't do the job properly, then just fucking quit and go find another one! All the staff there looked like they wanted to kill themselves in there, all depressed and shit! I know to not to apply to New Look when I want a likkle job in the near future, lemme tell you that right now!



Weeping Shadows said...


Sounds like a helluva job just to return something..

Nana said...

I went into a beauty/costume store and the chick that was at the entrance at the register look like something horrendous. In some frumpy black shirt...It look like eye bogers were still in.

It was in SOHO in NYC.

She turned my shopping experience upside down. I left w/o buying anything b/c/ of her...