Thursday, 20 November 2008

List of things that piss me off - pt. 1

1. When you’re PROPER looking forward to eating something that’s waiting for you in your fridge, and then you go to eat it and it’s not there anymore (courtesy of some other fat, greedy bastard in your household)

2. When people (aka my Dad) leave empty packets of food in the kitchen/fridge as if there is something still in the packet, instead of simply throwing them in the bin. Why would any sane person do that?

3. When people say they’re gonna call you and then they don’t. DON’T BOTHER SAYING YOU’RE GONNA CALL IF YOU HAVE NO INTENTION OF DOING SO.

4. When you record something on Sky+ and then you go to watch the programme and the recording finishes 2 minutes early or starts 2 minutes late!

5. When Sky+ doesn’t work full stop.

6. 99% of Sky engineers.

7. When cashiers decide to put your change and receipt on the till surface instead of putting it in your hands LIKE POLITE PEOPLE WOULD DO.

8. When cashiers/shop assistants don’t bother to say hello/thank you/please to you. How the fuck do these people get employed when they don’t possess BASIC manners?!!

9. When people try to justify smoking. Just don’t do it. Please.

10. IGNORANT arse bus drivers for London Transport. You know the ones who try to give you lip behind their pathetic plastic shield thingamajigs, the ones who blatantly ignore you when you try to ask them a simple question regarding the route you’re travelling, the ones who don’t stop when you ring the bell to get off the bus, the ones who drive off when they can clearly see you trying to catch the bus, the ones who don’t even stop at the bus stop and drive on like they can’t see you...

Part 2 and the rest to come later...

Hold tight.

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