Sunday, 23 November 2008

She's gone

Well people, Rachel Hylton's controversial X Factor journey has come to an end.

I was a fan of hers from day one, but I understand why other peeps didn't warm to her, and her performances were not consistent - not helped by dodgy song choices.

Personally, I felt she outsang JLS on the main show and during the bottom two sing-off as well. However, seeing as that was her third time in the bottom two, I suppose it was only fair that it was her last. Unfortunately, it was plain to see she was never going to win the competition. The voting public did not get her... erm, 'ghetto' personality shall we say, and I suppose the gunshot hand sign she did last weekend when she triumphed over Daniel didn't help either. Maybe when she learns to tone things down a notch and figures out when to shutup every once in a while, she can enjoy great success in the future. I hope she does anyway.

JLS have been more consistent and it was their first time in the bottom two. I don't know why 'A Million Love Songs' didn't work for them... they're supposed to be the bollocks at the harmony stuff, but they flopped on the night. Something wasn't right... why the judges didn't comment on their vocal performance just baffled me. You would expect Simon to especially. But I like them and hopefully they will last longer than Eggnog.

I like everyone else who is left except for him. Ruth is my favourite now. Don't you just love the way Simon is clearly mesmerised every time she takes to the stage? HAHAHA.

I hope Rachel gets signed up regardless of her early exit. She smacked it.

*does gunshot hand sign*
I'm gone.

P.S. Louis is an immature PRICK.

P.P.S. Why did Same Difference come back on the show to MIME their performance? My god, they're annoying.

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William Adam said...

i dont mind YOGHAN no more
hes been surprising me with some songs hes done
its just that ridiculoous hair and the way his eyers always look sad
bare annoyin
and jls apparently only practiced that song on the friday before cz of their problems with song choice init
so to be fair is not really their fault
i think they couldve smacked it