Monday, 6 April 2009

Top 5 Eastenders characters

Right, I don't even hardly watch Eastenders, but whenever a big storyline is about to come to a conclusion, I'll give it a whirl and laugh at how shockingly unrealistic it is along with the bad acting.

Example: Peggy Mitchell's wedding and Danielle's unexpected demise last week. I was quite entertained by that episode I'll admit, but WTF@ the ending.

As we all know, everything takes place in the 'Square' and no one actually leaves Walford to go to other parts of London like people do in real life - everyone buys their garms from the market; everyone goes to the 'caff' for breakfast lunch and dinner; everyone goes to the Vic to drink; everyone goes to the laundrette to wash their clothes because they don't seen to own washing machines or tumble dryers; everyone goes to quite possibly the lamest nightclub in history to rave, which I can't even remember the name of it's that dry.

So anyways, it was obvious that Janine was gonna be driving around in circles that night. But I just found it hilarious that she was meant to be speeding around the square and must have done so approximately 20 times before Danielle appeared on the road and got run down by her. And furthermore, that Danielle actually stopped and looked at the car coming towards her for a good 5 seconds or so and then literally allowed herself to be run over! But that's Eastenders for ya...

As always though, I was in awe of the legend that is Max Branning. That dude is too 'ard mate! So then I thought to myself - who are the best characters in Albert Square?

I came up with a top 5 list, and here they are, in no particular order:

1. Max Branning - the 'ardest player around

2. Jean Slater - the loveable nutjob

3. Janine Butcher - the baddest bitch

4. Patrick Trueman - the Ladbroke Grove representative, YA MUUUN!

5. Ian Beale - the pencil neck geek

What do you reckon? Do you agree with my list? Who would make your top 5?



William Adam said...

what about stacey the loveable skank

McBarbie said...

lol Stacey is good but she don't make my top 5 bruv