Sunday, 19 April 2009

Top 5 Lost characters

There's this application on Facebook called Living Social, which basically allows users to create top 5 lists of like, everything.

For example: top 5 movies of all time, top 5 fast food chains, top 5 countries to visit... etc. etc.

So I decided to devise a list of my top 5 favourite Lost characters.

It wasn't easy... but here are the results (in no particular order):

1. John Locke

2. Benjamin Linus

3. James 'Sawyer' Ford

4. Dr. Jack Shephard

5. Daniel Faraday

I was gonna put Kate in there until I remembered the genius that is Daniel Faraday!

Also, must give a special mention to the badass that is Sayid and my fellow Scot Desmond. But these 5 characters are definitely superior in my eyes...

What do y'all think?


Boothe said...

I think when Lost is done, Locke will have the lasting legacy of being the best character on the show.

I think the only time he wasn't interesting was season 2, when he pretty much became an office clerk, pushing that stupid button.

Everyone else on your list has had their moments, with the exception of Faraday. I felt like they tried to force us to like him this season. Too much science, an out of the blue (but thankfully short)love interest in charlotte, and his annoying insistence on saying "not where are we...but when are we".

Of course, those are only my opinions. :-)

Oh...and good call on leaving Kate off the list.

McBarbie said...

Hey Boothe, appreciate your comments!

I think you're exactly right about Mr Locke... he WILL be regarded as the best character of the show, especially because he's been involved in some of the greatest episodes (Walkabout, Deus Ex Machina, Lockdown, The Man From Tallahassee).

I see what your saying about Faraday as well, but I just love the way that guy acts and talks!

And I really like Kate! I find her character really interestng, and I think that Miss Lilly plays her well...