Thursday, 4 June 2009

Danny Dyer's a G

Danny Dyer has branded Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden as the "one of the least talented people in the UK".

Writing in his Zoo column, the Doghouse star said that it was laughable that Holden had been employed to judge other people on their talent.

"[She] really f***s me off. I know she is an actress but I'd say she's one of the least talented people in the UK, so how she can sit there and say who's got talent is beyond me," he said.

"The only reason that bird first became famous was by having a roll-about with Les Dennis. Now it's sitting there, clapping its hands and giving advice. It makes me feel f*****g sick."

The 31-year-old went on to say that he was not a fan of fellow judge Piers Morgan either, describing him as a "snake".

"I don’t know why [Simon Cowell] rolled in someone like Morgan, a tosser who just loves being famous. Now Morgan’s swanning around acting like he’s the bollocks."

[Article taken from Digital Spy]


Tell 'em Danny!



I don't actually rate Danny Dyer as an actor because he has literally played himself in every role he has had (a cockney geezer). But he does have a point here, who the f*ck is amanda holden.

Didn't she suck off bob the builder, sorry neil morrisey !!!

McBarbie said...

haha bob the builder!

yeah i agree with you, not too sure about him as an actor because he's always more or less playing himself, but he's still a ledge in my eyes. and physically attractive, haha

William Adam said...

Hahaha it's jokes how be refers to her as 'it' haha

Ahshanul Hoque said...

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