Thursday, 4 June 2009

Vitamin Water is like the worst drink EVER

Yeah I'm talking about that piece of shit drink that Coca Cola made. Like WTF. It is so SHIT!

And it costs a fucking small fortune. I want to know why!

Because not only does it taste like PISH, I just found out from someone who was drinking it yesterday that theres bare sugar in it.

So not only does it taste awful, it's not even healthy! And I swear that's the point of the drink? A HEALTHY alternative?

What a load of bloody nonsense. Seriously, it has got to be the lamest, most pathetic excuse for a drink in the whole wide world. I'd rather drink my own piss to honest!

Oh and get this: my mate just informed everyone on her Facebook that she just paid 65p for a Mini Milk!

65p you know!

The bloody cheek of it! That shit used to be 20p!

I really am worried about what the world is turning into these days, I tell you...

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