Monday, 15 June 2009

Saffia V Sophia on BBBM

Bitchiness at it's finest!

You gotta love Big Brother! Classic footage right there... these bitches were really going at it! OK, I know Sophia needs to stop running her mouth for once and grow up a bit, but standard, Saffia is WASTE. Before she even stepped into the house, I didn't like her. Acted like a complete arsehole in her video audition.

I love how she's going on like she deserves to get a fucking medal or something for leaving her "babies" behind to on the show. Like she's some brave woman. Errr I got news for you luv, you ain't brave, you are, however, a fucking moron! I feel sorry for her kids. Imagine your mum duckin' you before you've even had your first steps to go on BB and argue with a bunch of strangers and then walk out after a week. She couldn't even wait until Sophia got evicted! And now she has to spend even more time with her on BBBM and BBLB. What a waste! I do rate her a little bit though for putting up with all those peeps cussing her and making her look stupid on BBBM though, HAHA. She got it baaaad.

But yeah, this is good shit! Big Brother is getting real juicy now, arguments galore!


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