Thursday, 4 June 2009

Yaaaay Kate's in the final!

So as I predicted, Kate Walsh made The Apprentice 2009 final, alongside Yasmina.

Good decision made by Sir Alan I think, but for some reason I really felt that Debra was going to get picked alongside Kate. I thought he was going to take a risk with her. Also, I found out the night before that she's a Scot, so I guess I was kinda rooting for her as well at the last minute, haha. Can't believe she is only 23...

Anyways, poor James. He looked defeated long before Sir Alan told him the bad news, bless 'im. He was more emotional than all of the girls put together! I knew he'd be first out, followed by Lorraine.

Speaking of Lorraine: what was with the dodgy Irish accent change during her interviews? That was jokes man, what the hell?!

That Claude guy that was interviewing them is a wanker, but he was right when he said that Kate was 'faultless'. So yeah, I really want her to win, I think she's got it all, but if Yasmina wins I'll be happy as well.

Can't believe I never used to watch this show! What was I on?

Anyhoo, that's it for now. Big Brother starts later, so my life is officially over for the next few months, haha.

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