Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Coolio or Terry to win CBB6

Hello all.

I haven't commented on CBB6 as much as I intended to, but oh well. The show's nearly done and the final's round the corner.

After Michelle's abrupt exist, we are now left with Terry, Coolio, Tommy, La Toya, Ulrika, Verne and the other fella. Haha.

I really hope Coolio or Terry win. Terry is simply the dog's bollocks - his knowledge of like, everything, is fascinating, and he's been fair and pleasant without being boring or a sap. Coolio has made CBB6, and if it wasn't for him being there the show would have sucked BADLY.

I mean, this one hasn't been as entertaining or gripping as past series. Compare it to the one with Pete Burns (bastard but hilarious nonetheless), Michael Barrymore (arsehole) and Dennis Rodman (legend), or the one with John McCririck, Bez and Brigitte Nielsen (all legends). Classic BB entertainment right there!

This one ain't been too bad though. We discovered that Tina Malone IS Mimi Maguire, Michelle from Liberty X cries a lot, and La Toya Jackson actually isn't a freak after all! She's kinda normal... and nice... and she has a banging figure for a 52 year old!

I really like Tommy as well but I know he's not gonna win - I thought I wouldn't like him but I was wrong. I guess I was just ignorantly basing my assumption on all that hassle he had with the NOTW. And you gotta love how he's been wearing the Scotland strip in there all the time, haha. REPPING! I can't understand why he's not that popular with the viewing public... ?

I like Verne too but I don't think he should win. I have a feeling a lot of his votes are gonna be the result of people who feel sorry for him because of his condition, and that ain't right or fair.

Please please PLEASE don't let Ulrika win! Oh my god, I think I would actually die of anger.

Get this: she's actually been referred to as a 'feminist icon'.


LOL feminist icon??? ULRIKA IS A FEMINIST ICON?!!

Get the fuck outta here! If 4X4 Ulrika is a feminist icon, we have SERIOUS issues in this world.

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William Adam said...

ulrika to win !!!!!!!! nab I'm kidding but I want terry to win allow coolio why the fuck has every hat and du rag he owns got a friggin hole in it And latoya bangin figure??? hmm her and michael share the same plastic surgeon wt do you expect and allow day midget winning I heard he was bangin a doll the other day