Thursday, 22 January 2009

K, I really don't like Lily Allen anymore...

Before I start bitching about Lily again, let's talk CBB first.

OMG I can't believe La Toya went first yesterday! I was certain she was going to make it to the final day. These Jacksons man, they keep surprising us! Everyone thinks they're a bunch of freaks with stretched plastic faces and bad nose jobs, then they come along out of nowhere with these softly-spoken voices and impeccable manners, and you just can't help but really like them!

The Jacksons are alright you know!

Anyways, La Toya didn't deserve to go first, I mean WTF, who is actually voting for Ben?!! Nice guy and everything... but THAT'S IT! NOTHING ELSE TO OFFER!

Even worse: WHO'S VOTING FOR ULRIKA?! Bloody hell, where is this secret support coming from??? All the woman does is pull miserable faces in the house, moping around in her velour pants and speaking to everyone like they're her kids! She better be out first on Friday...

Right back to the matter at hand:

Lily Allen.


Please, just shut the fuck up and stop embarassing yourself with DUMB and blatantly attention-seeking comments.

After the whole 'as long as you can go to work the next day, it's alright to take cocaine a few times a week' furore, now she's been banging on about having so-called regular 'lesbian experiences' and 'fantasies'.

"I did once snog these identical twins in San Diego. I was on the sofa and I had them both, I was dancing and shoving my a**e on one of them and one on my front bottom.

That’s the only time, but I do have wet dreams - lesbian dreams - quite a lot."

Yeah alright Lily, whatever you say.

Why didn't I see from the beginning this stupid broad just chats crap to get meaningless attention and cheap publicity?! I bet you she's the type of girl that would start lipsing random girls at a party or something just for the benefit of the boys who would be watching. I hate that shit.

So yeah Lily, just shut your mouth and stop begging attention for once in your life. You don't need to tell us about your lesbian fantasies and wet dreams to remind us that you exist. Just stick to writing your music and singing because you really don't need to talk as much as you do.

And on that note, I'm gone.



rachy said...

she is such a fool. i rememeber i watched her programme on bbc3 becoz i was so bored and she was asked what is ur most embrassing moment and she sed when she got caught giving head in the school toilets when she was 15!!!

McBarbie said...

loool she's actually disgusting, i can't believe how much i used 2 love her off. her chat show was bare rubbish as well