Monday, 5 January 2009

Surviving Gazza

Happy new year everyone.

OK, so I just watched the Gazza documentary that was on Channel 4.


There's a few points I want to raise in regards to the programme that baffled me/amused me/angered me.

First of all - why did they keep going on about Gazza being the "kid's" father figure when he isn't even Bianca's and Mason's biological dad and he didn't exactly stick around for long when they were growing up? I thought it was funny and weird that his biological son thought the least of him and clearly didn't care too much to have a relationship with his dad. And who can blame him??? Gazza left when he was like, 18 months say, and on top of that, he beat the shit out of the boy's mum on various occasions. Why should he give a toss?

Then you've got the other two banging on about how he's still their 'dad' and how much they love him and how they'll never give up on him and bla bla bla.

Oh come off it! So you're standing up for someone who isn't even blood related to you and who abused the person who IS blood related to you and who actually brought you up i.e. your mum. What kind of bullshit is that?!

Don't get me wrong, I know Gazza's ill and fucked up and I know he's like, one of the greatest footballers this country's ever produced. But you can't excuse his behaviour and actions just because once upon a time he knew how to kick a ball about and score some goals.

And why was he even let out of the Priory when he was clearly still insane?! I didn't get that part... the man's rambling on about bad luck with odd numbers and phone calls to the Pope and yet he is allowed back into society to roam free and do whatever the hell he likes? How did he even manage to travel from country to country in the state that he was in? Who was letting him board his flights?!!

And Sheryl's like, "I'm doing it for the kids, the kids want him back in the house."

Errr if the "kids" wanna live with him so badly, they are old enough to move out and move in with Gazza elsewhere! And then they can put up with all the violence, the outbursts, the insane ramblings, the odd behaviour, the non-stop drinking...

Nah didn't think so.

The whole thing was just fucked up and bullshit. Leave the man alone. If he hasn't realised by now what he's doing wrong, then that's his business. Only he can help himself at that point, no one else. And if he never realises, then oh well. That's life I'm afraid. That's his decision to make.

I'm gone.


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William Adam said...

the man's rambling on about bad luck with odd numbers
sounds like hurley to me haha

I'll comment again after i've
4od'd that shit