Friday, 9 January 2009

Get Ulrika out

Check out this gem of a quote from Ulrika Jonsson on Celeb BB uttered during a whispered discussion about Tommy Sheridan with Michelle Heaton:

"You know, if you have any dignity or class... *laughs* no but if you hold yourself as a serious politician, I don't believe you would put yourself in a showbiz environment."


I'm sorry... was that the Ulrika Jonsson talking about dignity and class?

Ulrika Jonsson?

Same Ulrika who had an affair with a cameraman from Gladiators when she was married to someone else?

Same Ulrika who had another affair with Sven Goran Eriksson?

Same Ulrika with 4 kids by 4 different baby-fathers?

Let's not forget the John Leslie saga...

And the bitch wants to talk about someone else lacking in dignity and class???

Have a fucking word!

My god, that woman is vile beyond belief. I think she may be on par with Jordan when it comes to hypocrisy - and that's saying something!

Get her saggy has-been arse out of the house ASAP please. She's a waste of bloody space.

1 comment:

Joshu-ahh! said...

LOOL she needs to go big time.

Coolio to win! :D