Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Apprentice - Quote of the week

Nick Snaith to Phillip:

"Tell us about Pants Man."

*Cue complete silence from Phillip*

LMAO classic!!!

Phillip was sexy, straight up and down, but it was the right decision to fire him. He really did not have anything positive to say about Lorraine aka Mystic Meg aka Cassandra, did he? Silly Phillip...

"I could have done a better job than Lorraine."

"But you didn't sell ANYTHING."

"Yeah I know that, but I still could have done a better job."

... OK Phil.

Surprised Kate let herself down and got herself into the bottom 3. I personally think she will go on to win it - she's got charm, she's got brains and she knows how to sell. If not, it will definitely be a female winner, possibly Yasmina. Debra has potential but she's far too mouthy and controlling. Mona is alright too, but I just don't see her going the whole way. And Lorraine is causing too much controversy at the moment, plus I've read dodgy stories about her which I assume will prevent her from winning.

I can't believe I never watched any of the previous series - what was I thinking?!! The Apprentice is the fucking bollocks!

Roll on next Wednesday!

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