Friday, 15 May 2009

This week's Holy Moly Duty Log Mental

A woman emailed to complain about about Coronation Street.


"Gail called Eddy an orang-utan, I consider this to be worse than calling a black person a chimp."

"I would like to complain over the use of the word 'orrangutang' by Gail earlier in the week. Would this have been acceptable if it were aimed at Craig Charles?"

"Ken Barlow has at least 5 Lyle and Scott jumpers I have been saving to buy my son one of these jumpers for a few months, but ken has quite a few and they retail around £70 -£90 each. How can ken afford these?"

"Kens new girlfriend on the narrow boat says she is going to spend time at various places including the Norfolk Broads I do wish writers and researchers would do their homework properly There is no navigable waterway link between the canal system and the Broads, except via the sea which would ?no be viable in a narrow boat."



Check Ken though, with the Lyle & Scott jumpers. Gwaaaaarn Kenny!

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