Friday, 8 May 2009

Oh no she didn't...

Lily Allen held no punches in a stinging attack on celebrity footballers and WAGS in a French football magazine.

The Coles and Beckhams bore the brunt of the assault by the straight-talking singer, who let rip in an interview with SoFoot.

Describing what she thought of Cheryl Cole she said: "She represents everything I hate - she is stupid, superficial, as ugly outside as inside."

Cheryl's husband Ashley didn't escape the rant either: "He is the worst, he disgusts me".

Lily, whose album It's Not Me It's You is in the top ten, then launched into David and Victoria, saying: "The Beckhams are sickening... everyone knows she is a monster."

And in case readers were still unsure of what she thinks of footballers' wives and girlfriends, she said:
"I would rather shoot myself between the eyes than be a WAG."

I hope this is a case of her words being lost in translation...

How you gonna call Cheryl Cole UGLY? HAHAHA

The jealously is a looooooooooooooot, Lily. You've pretty much just described yourself there love. Let's be real now, you're the butterz one, not our Cheryl, don't ever get it twisted!

And not like I'm Victoria Beckham's biggest fan or anything, but to label her a monster? Lol that's a bit much!

She's spot on about Ashley Coleslaw - everyone knows he's a cunt - and yeah, I'd probably wanna shoot myself in the eyes too rather than be a WAG.

But lay off Cheryl, Lily. It's getting a bit boring now, and you're not gonna get anywhere with those hypocritical comments. It's not her fault she's good looking! Cheryl could have any man in the world, and the best you're doing right now is your Dad's friends. So allow yourself and STFU.

To conclude this post, let's do a quick compare and contrast shall we?

Exhibit A - Lily Allen:

Exhibit B: Cheryl Cole


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