Friday, 3 October 2008

Kano = certified badman

Wassup people,

Me and a bunch of other Cut peeps were in Greenwich the other night for the free Kano concert for the launch of his new album 140 Grime Street. The show was BIG, and we got treated to performances by not only the man himself but the likes of Wiley, Skepta and Tinchy Stryder.

Highlight of the night was seeing Skepta come bursting onto the stage in nothing but a white dressing down and some colourful socks, HAHA! That guy's a nutter... I was loving the old skool Kano tuneage as well, especially when he dropped Nobody Don't Dance No More, jheez!

I can't believe that we got to enjoy all of that for FREE. Kano deserves all the success in the world after pulling that off, I got too much respect for him now. Kano is a certified badman.

We had to wait around a lot in between, which was kinda gay but understandable. I mean you can't complain much at a free concert. I'm glad as well because there could have easily been some trouble in the crowd but I didn't have no dickheads around me and everyone was just looking to have a good time, no beef tingz.

Anyways, I wrote a lil' review on the website so go and check that shit and tell me what you think.

Catch you later


Weeping Shadows said...

Always good when you get to go to something free eh!

Skepta is a joka. lol.

Elijah said...

see a full video up on my page. It was a big nite 4 grime

William Adam said...

shit i thouight u had to pay for that
i wanted to go aswell