Sunday, 12 October 2008

Not a good start for the X Factor Finals '08

Afternoon peeps.

God, there is so many things I wanna comment on right now!

For now, let's start with last night's X Factor shows.

Bad Lashes were the dreaded first act to be voted off, with the least amount of votes from the public. I personally feel that they were the wrong act to go and that they had the edge over Girlband. I didn't understand why Simon thought they were both "shocking"... and I really liked the version of 'Wonderwall' that Bad Lashes sang to survive! What was so horrible about it??? I really don't understand X Factor sometimes, I really don't...

Mmmm what else...

Cheryl Cole looked stunning as always. Glad to see that Dannii wasn't overshadowed by Cheryl for the first time since this series started -that's because the shows are live now, so no biased editing. Rachel's song choice probably looked good on paper, but it didn't work on the night and the tune didn't do her strong voice any favours. Scott probably did have the worst song choice ever on X Factor, poor lad. Alexandra was good but not amazing. Laura was by far the best on the night (I can definitely see now why she made the top three, despite the Bo Selecta-esque face), and I enjoyed Diana's performance.

Really surprisingly, I don't think the Boyz II Men tracked worked that well for JLS, but they did alright overall. Ruth's performance was worth it for Simon's reaction at the end. Sorry, but I ain't feeling that lil' Irish boy, I can't even spell his name. He is totally forgettable and his voice is average. We'll see what happens when he has to sing something upbeat and actually move around on the stage - trust me, he'll be toast. Austin was good, but not as great as I thought he'd be.

Oh yeah, and then there was by FAR the worst performance of the night - Daniel Evans.

I really, REALLY like this guy as a person, but c'mon... that was one obvious pub performance. It was quite embarrassing. Why was this guy put through to the live shows? Why was he put through to the final 6 even? He is simply not good enough, and no one will buy his records. Dannii should have just admitted to being wrong yesterday, she didn't even comment on his performance! Just faffed on about how much of a sweet guy he is. Yes we know that Dannii, but this ain't the 'Sweetest guy in the world' competition, let's be real now! It's not fair that decent performers like Bad Lashes and Girlband are left in the bottom two while this guy could potentially make it to the final week (he won't though). I feel proper bad though saying all this because he killed me when he said how much he was enjoying himself on stage last night, bless him man.

Who do you think should have gone yesterday? Who do you see winning the competition?

Roll on with the Wacko Jacko theme next week! That's gonna be very interesting methinks...

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