Sunday, 26 October 2008

Eye hate Louis Walsh

(Sometimes) the X Factor is so fucking annoying!!!

Yesterday was such a good show, almost all of the acts performed their best yet. It was clear to see that the weakest link once again was Daniel Evans.

Dude is not meant to be on the show.

We FINALLY get him just where we want him - the bottom two. Alongside him was Scott, who performed well but wasn't as outstanding as the rest. It should have been the little Irish twerp instead.

So straight away, I thought Scott had it in the bag and Daniel was a goner. Even when Daniel turned around and said he was dedicating his song to his wife *rolls eyes* - sorry, I'm not heartless right, what happened to this guy really did move me, but I just thought that was so typical of him to say that. Obviously, Scott can't compete with Daniel's sob story.

Then they both sang, and well, I still would have kept Scott in. Who can actually see Daniel winning? He is there because of his background, not because he has 'the X factor'. For the past couple of weeks, Louis has told him the exact same thing.


Louis ends up blubbering like a bitch, and SAVES Daniel, alongside his mentor Dannii (at least that makes sense) and Cheryl.

Seriously, Louis and Cheryl suck so bad. I've got nuff love for Cheryl, but she let me down yesterday, falling for the soppiness. I was just so shocked man. I was sitting there telling my mum she's an idiot for thinking that Daniel could get through again. I would have bet my life on him going!

It's official: Simon is the only sane judge left. It no longer matters what the rest of them think.

Oh and Ruth, Alexandra, Laura, Rachel (finally), Diana and Austin all smacked it!

The end.

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William Adam said...

i trhought daniel shouldve gone too
it was like wtf
although scotts initial performance was nuff gay what with them 4 fruity lookin mother fuckers singin back up behind him and all that when it came tot he results i was actually routin for him to stay
i mean i perso0nally ont understand why he was in the bottom 2 jls were fuckin shite
like terrible to watch and listen to at least that dude shaved of that stupid piece3 of hair on his head
and WTF happend with that little blond kid i want him to go for 3 reasons
1)his names owen but hes got all these unescessary letters in it like an E and G WTF
2)WTF's up with the stupid hair cut its fuckin gay i literally shouted WASTEMAN!! at the tv wen i saw him perform
which brings me to
3)he was shit performin last night and every one was praisin it
like just becasue he belted out a few high notes doesnt mean it was a good performance.
i dont care about the fat man and his sob story every1 knew once he said dedicated to my wife that he was gonna stay no matter how good or bad he sung which is 1 reason why i hate the xfactor letting peop-le stay because they lost a family member or had a troubled life
i dont think hardly any one would get through if it was up to me
and now iv just realised iv written a mini blog in your comments section hahaha