Thursday, 16 October 2008


Where do I friggin' start?

I watched the MOBO's last night... and it was a waste of my damn time if I'm being perfectly honest.

In regards to the nominations, I would just like to say that I don't understand why Jay Sean was nominated in the best male category - sorry, but who cares about that guy? True say he just got a deal with Cash Money records (dunno how the fuck that happened), but still!

Two GRIME artists in the 'Best Hip Hop' category? THAT MAKES SENSE.

The 'Best Song' category was fine, apart from Flo Rida's tune being included... allow it.

Right, now that I've got that off me chest, I can now vent my anger about the actual show.

As per usual, the more important award winners didn't show up. And I don't blame them one bit. But at least you get why the American's don't bother; what's more concerning is the UK artists not being there! Dizzee Rascal's on tour, OK, but my man didn't even leave a video message! HAHA!

Leona Lewis is another one. You know what, they probably shouldn't let peeps win the awards if they don't wanna come to the ceremony, simple as that. It would be a lot less embarrassing for the organisers.

Lil' Wayne, Chris Brown... more no-shows. At least Chris Brown bothered to leave a message though.

Let's take a look at the winners on the night:

Best UK Female - Estelle - fine by me.
Best UK Male - Dizzee - fine by me.
Best UK Newcomer - Chipmunk - fine by me.
Best International Act - don't care.
Best Reggae - no opinion.
Best Jazz - no opinion.
Best Gospel - can't really comment, but the last video shown in the nominations segment looked good and the most gospel-sounding! Didn't win though...
Best African Act - no opinion.
Best Song - fair result, but not my personal choice.
Best R&B/Soul - not bothered.
Best Hip Hop - well it certainly weren't Wiley! Lil' Wayne - understandable.
Best Video - don't care really.
Best Album - OK, I haven't actually heard Leona Lewis' album, but I've heard Estelle's and it's a banging album, and well, we all know the deal with Lil' Wayne's record, so don't think that was a fair result.
Best Club DJ - loool even though he's a mug, I rate Tim Westwood for pointing out to the peeps booing him that at least he bothered to show up. But then he blew it when he gave a shout-out to Giggs - arse-licker.
Best Radio DJ -the general consensus was that Ace and Vis were more deserved winners than Trevor, but it was an obvious result.

As for the performances... how is UK music supposed to get respect and credibility when you got peeps like Taio Cruz and Craig David (or should I say Creg) going up on stage and rapping with AMERICAN ACCENTS?!! How are we supposed to take that seriously?! Craig David needs to just stop already and hang up the mic, LORD how I was cringing when that happened...

Furthermore, why doesn't anybody ever speak up about that? Why doesn't anyone call them out on their fake accents?! WOULD IT HAVE KILLED THEM TO SAY ALL THAT CRAP WITH A BRITISH TONE?! For FUCK'S sake!

Oh and then you've got some tit comparing Noel Clarke to Spike Lee LOL wtf?! Hey, I like Noel Clarke and everything, but come off it!

God, what a joke. They seriously need to step up their game next year. They need to sort out the nomination categories properly and stop licking American bum bum, then they might start to get some credibility. But I really don't see that happening...

We have so much unrecognised talent in the UK, I don't understand why we are still struggling like this.

Anyways, I'm gone.


William Adam said...

hahaha i stopped watchin the mobos about 2 years ago
simply for majority of the reasons you stated
why did you waste your time to watch it though

McBarbie said...

lol i know i never even used to bother with it myself that much, it's always been swag.. but i think it's just cos i'm more into UK music innit and i stupidly had some faith they'd put on a decent show this year, cos we have peeps like Wiley, Sway, Skepta etc getting a bit more commercial success, ya get meeeeh.. but no we just got a bunch of cop-outs and a couple of tits going on stage and putting on fake american accents!!

Weeping Shadows said...


I didn't even WATCH the MOBOS that's how bad it is.

From what your blog is saying... I'm kinda glad I didn't. lol.