Sunday, 12 October 2008

Scotland vs Norway WC 2008 qualifier

So the Scottish national side failed to shine yet again under the very questionable reign of George Burley. We really needed a home win earlier today after losing to Macedonia in our opening WC 2010 qualifier (WTF?! I'm still reeling over that). I feel like this time last year, a team like Norway wouldn't have been so much of a challenge for us while Walter Smith and Ally McCoist were still around (I miss you guys).

When I first found out Burley was going to be our new manager, I felt relatively happy with his selection and quite confident that we would be able to keep up the good work and consistency that we managed during the Euro '08 qualifiers. I guess I was wrong...

I mean I'm no expert on football, but it's clear there's something this guy ain't doing right. For starters, his tactics are wack. Why oh why do we always have to go with the 4-5-1 formation?! It's so bloody defensive, it's like we are asking to drop points! We do not have a team with enough quality, and more particularly a strong and reliable striker to be constantly enforcing that formation so often. It proper gripes me man!

Secondly, he has no previous international coaching experience, which is also concerning. Perhaps he does not have enough respect yet to take on such an important and demanding role in football? Well anyway, whatever it is, it ain't fucking working and we ain't got time for this shit and missing out on yet another major competition.

Anyways, the biggest talk of the game was without doubt the unbelievable goal opportunity that new boy Chris Iwelumo cocked up! I feel for the him, I really do... international debut and all, and being the new token black guy!

C'mon now, let's not pretend like this ain't an issue people! When I saw that peeps were getting subbed (why the hell did McFadden get taken off?! Burley, you're an absolute tit for that one), I was like, hold the bus! Who's the black geezer?! HAHAHA! Ain't seen this guy around before, this is gonna be interesting!

Interesting isn't a strong enough word. The dude managed to temporarily silence the whole of Hampden with that miss, poor fella. Thankfully (and rightfully), the home support didn't turn against him, and overall he made significant contributions to the match despite not completely making up for his terrible mistake.

As much as it pains me to even think about it, here's a clip of the missed opportunity he will never be able to live down!

Not long after Iwelumo came on, me and my dad were both discussing and laughing at the idea of the token black guy making his debut and actually scoring. I screamed at the top of my voice and jumped up and down like a mad woman with me mum when we thought the ball had went in - piiissed when we clocked that it didn't. What's worse is that at that point, I still couldn't remember or pronounce his name properly - when I realised who was responsible for the miss, all I could shout was "it's the black guy, it's the black guy!!!"


Anyways, I'm actually looking forward to seeing him playing again, if he gets the chance. Hopefully he does, I mean he did show potential. But Burley needs to decide on two main strikers to play in every game rather than experimenting with about six different dudes. We haven't got time for that right now when we are trying to qualify for our first major competition in over a decade (yes, it has actually been that long people).

Our next qualifier is all the way in March, and it's against the big boys - Holland. Oh how I am looking forward to that and dropping more points!

I don't wanna be negative like that wanker Charlie Nicholas, but it's not looking too good for the Scots, people...

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