Monday, 22 September 2008

I flopped again

Man, this challenge just ain't working out for me, is it?

I can't do this whole 'write a blog every day for a week' thing, it's too much. Write a blog every other day... now that sounds more appealing! So even though I'm officially giving up on this little challenge, I'm gonna keep up the blog nonetheless for all my 'fans' out there (HAHA, who am I kidding?!).

I don't even have anything to write about today. Friday I met up with a couple of old skool friends for a 21st birthday party at a pub near me, which was fun. I don't even wanna talk about what I did yesterday... and today I've just been a lazy bitch.

I also watched the Chelsea vs. Man United game. I'm seriously beginning to think Andy Gray might be a secret battyman. His bizarre comments on Cristiano Ronaldo's supposed "love handles" and some other Chelsea player's thighs left me feeling a bit suspicious to be honest... not to mention his obvious infatuation with John Terry.

Been trying to organise stuff for my 21st birthday celebrations in November. I'm def having a big party up in the land of Scots, but I cannae be going there looking all out of shape and shit. I need to get my act together, boi!

Note to self:

To quote Homer J Simpson, "From now on, exercise every day!"

Look at that, I've managed to blog something after all, haha!

Anyways, I'm gone.



Weeping Shadows said...

Who came up with the 'blog everyday' challenge anyway?


McBarbie said...

it was me and Nina, she said i could create a blog and write one every day for a week, but as the title says, i flopped lol ah well, i like this blogging game anyway!