Thursday, 25 September 2008

Top 50 'OMGWTF' Lost moments... ?

Hey dudeys,

One thing you should know about me is that I'm a HUGE fan of the TV show Lost. And well, if you don't like Lost - fuck off.

Only joking. But yeah, my good chum Liam kindly linked to me a site claiming to list the top 50 'OMGWTF' Lost moments. Click on the link below to see what I'm on about:

I agree that all of the moments listed were indeed 'OMGWTF', with the exception of number 32 aka 'Charlie’s trippy visions'... erm these so-called 'visions' were so 'OMGWTF' that I can't even bloody remember them happening! C'mon on now, let's not pretend that we actually gave that much of a damn about Charlie when he was still alive (RIP x), he didn't exactly get the most interesting flashbacks, being the 'baby brother' of that dude Liam with the dodgy English accent.

I particularly lol'd at the Brangelina and McLovin jokes. Good stuff. Oh, and as someone pointed out in the comments underneath the list, you gotta give props to the moment when high school science teacher Artz exploded in front of the other Losties. I remember literally gasping and (slightly) jumping off my arse when that happened! Oh and how can I forget, quite possibly the greatest Lost moment of all the time, ol' Bluebeard's/Mr Friendly's infamous line, "Only the thing is... we're gonna have to take the boy."

WHAT.THE.FUCK!!! That shit sent shivers down my spine! That's when I realised Lost was like, the greatest show on television.

But really, I think all the Lost fans will agree that the moment we realised we were watching a 'flashforward' Jack rather than a 'flashback' Jack, was most definately the biggest shocker the show has ever delivered. I think it might actually be the biggest cliffhanger in the HISTORY of TV shows, that's how on edge I felt right after it happened. The writers fooled us all - absolute genius twist!

Farewell for now.

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