Thursday, 25 September 2008

Jordan chats shit - what's new?

Jordan aka Katie Price, weighs 8.2 stone.

Well, according to a clip I just watched of her weighing herself on some scales live on GMTV yesterday morning.

She was moaning that everyone accuses her of being scarily underweight, and that she could prove there and then that she weighs just over 8 stone and not 7 stone like she had been previously accused.

So she did weigh herself there and then, and she was indeed 8.2 stone. However, she conveniently didn't take her shoes off before she stepped on to the scales, and was claiming to have just eaten a bacon sandwich. Jordan, you're kinda not supposed to mention the bacon sandwich if you're trying to prove you're heavier than what people may think. Of course if you've just had something to eat - particularly something fatty and stodgy - you can't weigh yourself and expect an accurate result. The best time to weigh yourself is when you wake up in the morning with an empty stomach and with no clothes on. So really, it was bullshit; she's probably just under 8 stone, and was therefore misleading viewers and all her adoring fans.

There's nothing of the woman. Her legs look like toothpicks, and her tits - and newly inflated lips - are way out of proportion with the rest of her body.

Who the hell would wanna look like her anyway? All tacky clothes and hair extensions, transvestite make-up, and a figure that looks like it's about to break and shatter into pieces in any minute. Why oh why are there young girls and women in this world that aspire to be anything like her? Her whole existence has consisted of her making cheap money out of selling stories about her family to the press.

How can you respect someone who does that? How many men are there in this world who would want to 'wifey' that? Not a lot, I'm telling you now! I mean, Peter Andre's like, insane, so he doesn't actually count.

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