Monday, 1 September 2008

My blog challenge

The Cut magazine has been commissioned by the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) to do a piece about creative spaces. These days there are more variations of what people believe to be 'creative spaces' than ever, from pop music videos to your own personal fashion style. 

One particular notion of creative space that I wanted to experiment with myself is internet blogging. The world of blogging has grown hugely in recent years, with the likes of Blog Spot and MySpace being used by millions to express personal ideas and opinions on a regular basis. I've actually written some form of blog in the past, more often than not to let off steam and rant and rave about my strong views of the world, although I struggled to find time to post regularly and think of what people would find appealing to read about. 

Having said that, I have now set myself a challenge to write a daily blog for a week, with the main purpose being to experience first hand if blogs really are such a significant form of modern creative space...

1 comment:

Weeping Shadows said...

Blogging is a great thing..

Do it regularly, it's a great release :)