Friday, 19 September 2008

Sweet Peaches

There's nothing worse than seeing someone getting opportunities all over the media just because they have famous parents.

And they don't get more annoying than the likes of Peaches Geldof. Even her name is shit.

I'm at home like a sucker, doing 3,000 word essays for uni, while my girl's on the tele in front of me, presenting exclusive programmes when she's like, 17. So for all those peeps who's dream it is to be a top TV presenter - just don't bother, because precious Peaches will probably get your jobs anyway.

What has that idiot done apart from get caught buying drugs and marrying some random fool in Vegas? Oh yeah, your own mum dies from an overdose, and then you go out and buy that shit for your skag 'ed self. That makes sense! People like that make me sick, man...

She ain't exactly what you'd call an oil painting either. She looks like her dad, and well, he's no Brad Pitt. So in other words: she's butterz. But it's OK, because daddy's money will let her do whatever the fuck she wants in life, whether she's bugly or not! She can still walk down a catwalk and 'model' with her 5 foot nothing frame!

And what's going on with that barnet of hers? Bloody rats tails, looking like she cut her own hair and shit. If you're gonna be rich and famous right, at least make sure you get a decent hair cut!


1 comment:

*William Adam said...

init that geldof jaw
allow inheriting that
but i hate the other sister more
simply because
she got into over 21s night clubs when she was like 16
whilst i was getting turned away from clubs for looking like i was 16