Thursday, 18 September 2008

I hate New York

So I was watching MTV earlier, looking for something to amuse myself with. In other words, trashy reality TV shows.

And I stumbled across one called 'I Love New York 2', which for those who aren't in the know already is some form of a dating show where that annoying ghetto moron 'New York' from across the pond has to pick off one-by-one a bunch of desperate, fame-hungry loser guys in order to find a new man - or should that be 'bitch' as New York would like to say?

I seriously can't believe shows like this actually exist. This is the same idiot who previously had been fighting (literally) over the most handsome, most desirable man in show business... yes that's right, Mr Flavor Flav himself!

Give me a fucking break!!! Anyone remotely attracted to that man is either blind or a money-grabbing bastard. Let's be real now.

This is exactly why the world is so fucked up, especially the younger generation. The message being sent out here is basically, if you make a twat out of yourself on worldwide television by being a desperate, egotistical, narcissistic, obnoxious, undignified and dirty whore, you''ll get rewarded with your very own TV show!

I wanna know why this downright fool has more money than me, and why she was given the opportunity to reside in a massive luxury mansion that I wouldn't even be able to dream about! Why are we giving these talentless wannabes so much air time and recognition?! Why?!

And yes, I realise the joke is actually on her and all the other losers on the show, but the fact is, she ain't realising that herself because she's so friggin' deluded and up her own arse! I would love to give her one slap to the head piece. I would actually pay good money in order to be able to do just that!

I mean, I sat there completely bemused with what I was seeing. The woman organised 'couple counselling' with the remaining contestants, and they were getting asked whether they would have 'penis implants' if it meant staying in a relationship with her. Yes, penis implants!!! And then she was literally sitting there telling them all individually "I need to be the man in this relationship, I need you to be my bitch!"

Oh. dear. GOD! The woman is a complete control freak! She needs psychological help, not a fucking TV show.

The mum actually looked a bit sane in the episode I watched, as shocking as that was for me to take in, but I thought too soon because the preview for the next show made it clear where Ms New York gets her 'classy' nature from.

You know what, I can't actually take someone seriously who feels that 'awesome' can sometimes be spelt with an 'o' (if you saw the episode I did, you'd get the joke). And to top it all off... she ain't even good looking! She's fucking BUTTERZ! Oh my lord, I have to stop now.

I'm out.


Weeping Shadows said...


I told you this would be gold as blogging material.

I just watch it because it's hilarious. Escapism. I don't know how those dudes can take her seriously...

Weeping Shadows said...

Just saw your comment on my blog:

I know Miss Fiddy because she is a senior mentor at the magazine I work for in Brixton.

She's a lovely person and that cake is damn amazing! lol