Tuesday, 16 September 2008

RIP old Facebook

Well guys, the inevitable has finally happened...

Old Facebook has gone - for good (RIP).

All the anti-new Facebookers thought they had scored a victory when some unknown genius figured out how to get the old version up and running once again. And it worked for a good 2 days, until the big meanies in charge came along and made the link void forever.


It was nice to see our old friend once again, even if it was just for a mere 48 hours. But what did we expect when all you could see was bare new groups containing the contents of the mystery web link in question, and when everyone decided to wisely change their status to "I've got the old Facebook back!!! Clink this link guys, you'll thank me later!" - this guaranteed our great love affair with the old FB was not to last.

So now we have to put up with our wall posts and news feed being jumbled up together, personalised and quirky applications ostracised on a separate page (like anyone's gonna give a damn about them now), and the same for our personal info, AND no wall posts count!

Fucking POO. New Facebook is retarded!

*goes to log in to new Facebook*



*William Adam said...

i had over 2000 wallposts
means shit now
but i liked it it
now facebook is crap and despise groups like 1 million against new facebook actually getting more than 1 mill
they stil changed it

like wtf
i dont care how long it took you to come up with the new layout i dont like it so change it back you bastards

slightly less profanity than what i actually sent them but u get my drift

*William Adam said...

i put the new facebook link in a blog post and on my status but by then it was over
harsh times B

Weeping Shadows said...


I was in that group of 'anti new facebookers' I've finally conformed and now HAVE to deal with the crap layout.